Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Programme is to develop enterprising professionals who have an innovative disposition, the confidence and abilities to assume leadership roles in technology, business and the community. The programme is designed to give the skills essential for graduate engineers to become immediately employable in the global competitive environment. The two major options offered by the department are:

  • Power Systems and Machines

  • Electronics and Communications


  • produce a solid foundation in the electrical, electronics, telecommunication, computer and software engineering

  • train students for the dynamic and rapidly changing market for computing and information systems and products

Courses offered include the following;

  • Computer Networking

  • Electrical Machines

  • Power System Operations & Control

  • Electric Drives

  • Power Syst. Plan & Optimization

  • Fault Diagnosis of Failure Tolerance

  • Introduction to VLSI

  • Linear Electronics Circuit

  • Computer Programming

  • Basic Electronics

  • Applied Electricity

  • Digital Control Systems

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