Program Synopsis

The Geomatic Engineering programme is to provide broad-based education and training in Geomatic Engineering Sciences. Their applications will enable graduates to meet the challenges of the engineering profession in a rapidly changing environment. These challenges require the ability to apply existing knowledge in new ways thereby creating new systems and opportunities as well as adapting existing technology to local conditions. Students acquire the ability to collate spatial data, maintain the resulting spatial databases and improve upon existing data infrastructure as well as new infrastructures. The programmes and courses are therefore guided by these concepts.

The field of Geomatic Engineering embraces the traditional areas of surveying and mapping, such as geodesy, cadastral and engineering surveying, hydrography as well as comparatively new fields of remote sensing, photogrammetry, laser scanning and spatial information systems. The programme aims at training the students to acquire the skill and the technical know-how in the acquisition, analysis, storage, distribution management and application of spatially referenced data.

Candidates applying to the programme must meet the following entry requirements:

SSSCE Holders

Credit scores (aggregate D) or better in the following subjects: English Language, Integrated Science, Core Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Elective Mathematics.

WASSCE Holders

Credit scores (aggregate C6) or better in the following subjects: English Language, Integrated Science, Core Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Elective Mathematics.

Mature Applicants

Applicants in this category must meet the following requirements: •Must be at least 25 years old at the time of submitting the application

  • Must have a minimum of three (3) years relevant experience in the intended field of study
  • Must have credit scores in English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Additional Mathematics or Elective Mathematics
  • Must pass an entrance examination or an interview

GCE ‘A’ LEVEL Holders

Must have GCE ‘A’ LEVEL passes in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

HND (Surveying) Holders

HND graduates with a minimum of two (2) years of relevant experience will be placed at Level 200 of the programme. However, applicants with 1st Class or 2nd Class Upper Division certificate and two (2) years relevant experience may opt for a top-up.

Top-up for HND Holders

Candidates who hold HND certificates (1st Class or 2nd class Upper Division) in Surveying and have a minimum of two (2) years relevant experience may be admitted to Level 300 as regular students, upon successful completion of one semester bridging course. Those work or business schedule cannot allow them to attend as regular students may opt for the non-regular student module. For such students, evening and/or weekend classes will be conducted at our Accra Lecture Halls.

International Students 

  • Regular
    • Freshers      – $2,100.00
    • Continuing  – $1,400.00
  • Top – Up
    • Freshers      – $2,100.00
    • Continuing  – $1,400.00

Local Students

  • Regular
    • Freshers       – GH¢ 2,900.00
    • Continuing   – GH¢ 2,600.00
  • Top – Up
    • Freshers        – GH¢ 3,150.00
    • Continuing    – GH¢3,000.00


Courses offered include the following;

  • Geodetic Surveying
  • Cadastral Surveying
  • Geographic Information Systems Application
  • Spatial Database Systems
  • Cartography
  • Basic Land Surveying
  • Land Law and Registration
  • Principles of Valuation of Land and Building
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