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March 12, 2019
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April 1, 2019

It is my dream to be the voice for the voiceless – Eunice O. Darko shares her KAAFuni Experience

Eunice Osei Darko at City Campus Library

I’m Eunice Osei Darko. A level 200 Faculty of Law student. I had given up on my ambition to study law but rather English or political science in any public university. For All Advance Knowledge University (KAAF) warmly opened its arms to make me hopeful again. The name of this university alone inspired in me all the awakening hunger to drive toward excellence in my pursuit of acquiring knowledge. I started reliving my dreams of becoming a lawyer. Did I say to myself, why wait? I grabbed the opportunity that KAAF offered me to study for my LLB.

The journey so far has been interesting. We have great lawyers, Justices, PhD Holders, being our lecturers and therefore, creating the most challenging academic environment for us. As students, we never finish a 3 credit hour lecture without feeling challenged and motivated to work extremely hard as the realities of this tough course hit us.

My experience so far is worth sharing. I remember one senior colleague solve his real-life legal issues by applying the law that he’s been taught so far. Another also saving a friend from making a deadly investment by applying the law he’s been taught. There are countless similar examples where students like myself have made basic applications of the law in real life situations. This goes to say that, with KAAF, the law means serious business, we are not simply taught but equipped with diverse knowledge at its peak for life.

Punctuality and discipline are the best friends of every law student here. Kind courtesy of effective administration.

KAAF has put me on the pedestal where achieving my LLB here will only take me to my biggest level, adequately prepared for the professional training. My learning experience has been insightful, talk of the intense researches and case study. Our library facilitates us and so are all the resourceful people available to help us in our academic endeavours.

Advocacy has always been my passion. It is my dream to be the voice for the voiceless, defend the defenceless and give a second chance to the guilty through lawyering. At KAAF I’m only a step away from achieving that.

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