Student Associations

Construction Technology Students Association (CONSSA)

CONSSA is the Construction Students Association of KAAF University College with the aim to seek the academic, social and general welfare of all Construction Technology students pursuing undergraduate courses. The association serves as the mouthpiece of the students of the Construction Technology Department. It provides a means of communication between students and the authorities of the institution in all matters affecting the welfare of the Construction Technology students of the University College, co-ordinates with other student associations and unions in the University College and elsewhere in matters of mutual interest. It liaises with the local chapters in championing the cause of its members.

The association also creates a forum for the exchange of ideas between students and staff of the faculty and other departments in the school and provides a conducive atmosphere for social contact between the students and staff of the faculty.

Most importantly, it organizes lectures, symposia, debates, meetings and other activities for the members of the association.

It has an executive member on the general assembly of the SRC who represents the association.

KAAF Association of Business Administration (KABS)

KAAF Association of Business Students (KABS) was fully established during the 2013-2014 Academic Year with the aim of cultivating professional networking between Business Administration students and business professionals and entrepreneurs in West Africa and beyond.

KABS organizes annual activities both on and outside of campus that provides the opportunity for students to deepen their business knowledge and perspective. It also enhances the International Alumni Network while increasing the international Brand of KAAF University College’s Business School.

KABS plans and organizes activities and projects such as industrial visits, public lectures, career fairs and other social activities for the business students. This association also assists the SRC in other projects that benefit the students.

Further, KABS creates an avenue where the opinions and grievances of the business students are shared and addressed with the help of the University College.

KAAF Christian Fellowship

 The KAAF Christian Fellowship (KCF) is a charismatic campus based fellowship which started as a prayer group of four (4) members in November 2010. It was later transformed into a campus based fellowship with the aim of being ambassadors for Christ on campus, the nation and the world at large.

It nurtures young people to identify their purpose for being, grow in it and lives a purposeful life and interceding for sick, the destitute and the disadvantaged in life. KCF also organizes seminars and forums on various religious and secular themes.


Students of KAAF University College participate in the annual PUSAG games and file up for all the sporting activities including volley ball, football, handball, etc. The University College has won several medals ever since it participated in the PUSAG games. The University College has a gym where students keep their bodies fit in other to prevent the occurrence of any weakness in the body. The equipment at the gym enables students to exercise every part of their bodies in order to keep fit.


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