The Dean of Students

The Dean of Students helps to offer support services to students. It is the first point of contact for both local and international students when they need help. They receive absolute attention and guidance to handling all their needs at the office.

Support services for students include student orientation, counselling and guidance, medical services, career services, financial aid, cafeteria, transport services, accommodation, tutorial services, among others.

These support services are designed to assist students to enhance their academic skills, increase their retention and graduation rates, and prepare them adequately for their after school life.

Message from the Dean of Students

Mrs Judith Asante

As the Dean of Students, I welcome each of you to campus and express my great excitement for your year ahead! I strongly believe that each of you will have much to contribute to our community and life here.

Likewise, we at KAAF are committed to supporting and working with you. KAAF is a place for you to continue to develop your intellectual passions and personal talents, and also support one another. You will find that KAAF is a compelling place with much to offer you, including outstanding faculty and departments, students, and staff, as well as a challenging curriculum, extensive co-curricular opportunities, and an engaging and innovative residential life.

To all students, especially our first years, I encourage you to manage your time and focus your energies on the purpose of your stay here so that you can flourish on campus and beyond. Options abound here; you can extend your learning and research inside and outside the lecture hall. From the very start, you can take advantage of our tutorship program to explore your interests. KAAF has a residential campus that is deeply committed to providing students with a full living and learning experience. We believe your full educational experience should be as compelling and personally satisfying as life in the lecture hall and/or laboratory.

To enhance your stay on campus, you will have to read the Students’ Handbook thoroughly. The purpose of the Student Handbook is to provide all of you with the University College’s policies and resources which will guide you. When you accept the University College’s offer of admission, you agree to abide by the University College’s policies. These policies, the expectations that we have to support and respect each other, are the core components of our educational community.

In a small setting like we have here at KAAF University College, we can accomplish what simply cannot be done in a larger University. We can become a true, inclusive community; supportive of the multiplicity of our ways, we can come together, learn, and develop each other. Working closely with you and our faculty, we in the Student Relations office aim to provide services, activities, and resources that support the University College’s educational system while supporting you personally as you learn, grow, and change through this time.

I look forward to getting to know all of you during your stay here as we work together to ensure that your undergraduate experience at KAAF University College is deeply rewarding.


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